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Spawnings Everywhere

I'd like to add to the list of reported spawnings this week, and put in a
plug for a little benign neglect.

I've been letting my 70G and 125G get a little wild and wooly in
preparation for harvesting plants to set up a new 75G. (which has replaced
my long standing paludarium)  I finally decided to plant that tank today,
and started hacking stuff out of the other two.  I found that my
Anomalochromis thomasi are herding around a swarm of what must be close to
150 fry.  That's fun, but not entirely new... they've spawned and raised
fry in there before.

Much cooler as far as I'm concerned was the surprise I found in the 125G.
I've got a bunch of baby Columbian red fin tetras in there!  They are big
enough to be recognizable, but still look like they might be munching size
for my Angels, so I hope I didn't remove too much cover for them.

There's something to be said for a little healthy disarray in the planted