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Re: Bubbles and a thank you to all that helped me!

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>Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2000 20:38:07 -0800
>From: "Grant Miller" <grantmiller at home_com>
>Subject: Bubbles and a thank you to all that helped me!
>Hello everyone!
>1. For several days, there was an oily film on the water.  The fish didn't
>seem to mind. (no I don't have a skimmer). Is this oil stuff dangerous to
>the plants and fish?  Why is it now gone and replaced with bubbles?
>2. Today (Feb. 1st), there are thousands of bubbles collecting on the
>surface farthest from my filter.  What is this?  Phosphate bubbles?  Is this
>dangerous? What should I do to get rid of them?
>3. What is the best way to raise the gH?
>4. Is this just my tank reacting to the change in pH or the algae dying off?
>5. Should I put carbon into my auxiliary filter (Aquaclear) to help clear
>the water or should I go out and buy a Diatom filter that I may only use
>6. Should I start fertilizing with the liquid again or wait?

I just ran into this myself.  I ended up using the dixie cup method.  Rinse 
out a plastic cup and slowly push it right side up so that you get a little 
skimmer effect into the cup.  This seemed to clear up the oily film and 
some of the foamy bubbles I saw collecting in the corner opposite the 
filter discharge.  I didn't fill the tank back up when I noticed the extra 
mixing I got from filter discharge having to fall a little ways extra.
I have to admit, I belive a lot of the film i had was from using a floccant.
Fresh carbon will help in removing organic compounds, if you want to go 
that way.

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