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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #70

> I was wondering how one could tell when it's good to cut off a runner
> (well, one leaf is growing very fast, and I was told this is the runner
> to cut)? How long should it be before it's cut, and how far from the
> roots? Any information on this plant is appreciated (It's my first try
> at a planted tank).

I normally clip them after the leaf has been on the surface for a week or
so.  I cut the stem about 5 inches from the leaf.  Then let the leaf float
for a while.  After a week or two, roots should form at the bottom of the
stem.   The floating leaf looks pretty bad by the time the roots form. Then
I cut the stem about an inch above the new roots, and stuck it into the
gravel.  The new plant is doing good.