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T8s for a 55 (was Osram bulbs)

William R. Curtin wrote:

> I also looked into getting the Osram 5400K and the 6700K bulbs from lighting
> dealers and was told that the 4100K is the highest they list.  What is
> probably the case is that Osram is manufacturing then OEM(original equipment
> manufacturer)  for Perfecto in the U.S. so Osram USA has no listing in their
> catalog for them as a direct retail item. I believe they are available in
> Europe. When I first bought my SHO lights, My bulbs were in Osram boxes
> inside of Perfecto Boxes but later bulbs were in Perfecto boxes only.

Yuck. Sounds like a great way to pay Perfecto some $$$. <rant> Why is it that the
american market gets lighting after the rest of the world if at all?  </rant>

Anyway, I think I'll stick with T8s, but I'd like to get some recommendations for my 55
gallon for medium to high light plants.

1) Should I use 3 or 4 bulbs? (I was thinking of using 4 bulbs with two ballasts, each
on a separate timer).
2) Can anyone recommend some bulbs they've had good luck with that would be great for
plants and have a light balance that would be pleasing to the eye? I realize that some
combination might be my best bet.
3) Would any ballast with a power factor > 1 or 1.1 be fine?

Much thanks.

-- Stephen