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An easier way to plant (update)

Well I did it.  I thought of a way to plant everything and make it easier.
I used toothpicks. I took some plants of all sizes out of my 20 and planted
a new 10 gallon.  then I completely rearranged my 20 gallon.  So basically I
have two new tanks going, and I used my new theory about planting.    

I just used regular sowing thread, because it will absorb fast, and tied the
plants to toothpick's.  I figured that the toothpicks would absorb overtime
as well.  I made sure that the toothpick was no longer than the roots of the
plant.  I managed to get a hold of toothpicks that have a fancy rounded end
at one end that way I would not poke a hole in my finger as I pushed it down
into the gravel.

Speaking of pushing the plants into the gravel...it gave them a sturdy
feeling so it was about 100 times easier.  I do not think I damaged any
roots by pushing them in this way.  

I will have to post everyone a follow up message in a couple of months, and
let you know if I lost any plants.

I have taken some pictures at this point and I will take some more as the
tanks develop.  Then as soon as I figure out how to get a web sight up I
will post them.  I hope this works. 

Dave Berryman