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Bubbles and a thank you to all that helped me!

Hello everyone!

A couple of weeks ago, I sent a message about my tank becoming cloudy.  So
many people emailed me and gave me wonderful advice.  I've since brought my
kH up to 5, my pH to 7.0 and my gH up to 2.  The cloudiness is almost gone,
but there are now a few issues that I need help with.  Refer to my letter in
issue #53 (a second desperate cry for help!) for details of my tank.  I've
reduced my light back to 11 hours a day and have been adding baking soda to
raise the pH and kH.

1. For several days, there was an oily film on the water.  The fish didn't
seem to mind. (no I don't have a skimmer). Is this oil stuff dangerous to
the plants and fish?  Why is it now gone and replaced with bubbles?
2. Today (Feb. 1st), there are thousands of bubbles collecting on the
surface farthest from my filter.  What is this?  Phosphate bubbles?  Is this
dangerous? What should I do to get rid of them?
3. What is the best way to raise the gH?
4. Is this just my tank reacting to the change in pH or the algae dying off?
5. Should I put carbon into my auxiliary filter (Aquaclear) to help clear
the water or should I go out and buy a Diatom filter that I may only use
6. Should I start fertilizing with the liquid again or wait?

For a new subject, I have some questions about substrate.

6. If I yank all of my gravel out and replace it with a substrate and then a
layer of smaller gravel than I have now, will I lose my biological cycle?
Is it possible to do 1/2 the tank at a time?
7. Can anyone tell me brand names of kitty litter that I can buy in
Vancouver, BC or a place to buy good substrate other than the kitty litter?

I want to thank you all again so much for your help!  I've also joined the
local Vancouver Aquatics Plant Club (Thanks Steve) and am looking forward to
meeting people.

Grant Miller
grantmiller at home_com