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Re: CO2 on a micro-level...

>Matt wrote
>So there is no way to keep a 2 liter bottle, and reduce the reaction time,
>or mixture in any way to keep the co2 flow at a manageable level?  I was
>thinking maybe if I put half the yeast in, I might possibly slow down the
>action a bit.

A 2 lt brew is way too much for a 10 lt aquarium.  I'm now using two
staggered 2 lt brews on my new 300lt tank and some of the plants seem to be
in warp drive.  Put half the yeast in and in theory you delay the culture by
one generation / cell doubling time (a few hours).  Reducing the sugar
concentration may slow things down a bit but might actually improve the
growth conditions giving more CO2 initally and a shorter burn time.  I
haven't any measurements to say one way or the other but but it doesn't seem
to make a lot of difference.  Best advice is probably keep it simple and
keep it small.

>......  I have also heard
>stories about yeast brew backwash into the tank, so limiting headroom makes
>me nervous.  Still, something to think about.

Experiment and find a system that works for you but remember the brew will
take time to use the air and then displace it with CO2.  The foam crisis (if
there is one) will come about day 2 or 3.   The head space I use is about
10% of the container volume.

Phil ...in rainy London