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Aqua Journal

Edward of M3 wrote:  " I just wonder, will you folks be interested in the
original Japanese Aqua Journal?  Yes, all text will be in Japanese but if I
am not mistaken, it is a few issues 'ahead' of the English version of it?
Correct me if I am wrong please."

I think the Japanese versions are into the 60s, which is 20 or so editions
ahead of the English version.  I, for one, would be quite interested in the
Japanese editions.  I have always judged the photography and aquascaping to
be 60% to 75% of the value of the Aqua Journal-so from my perspective, I
still get quite lot of value from the Japanese edition.

I'm also of the view that we're learning quite a bit about practical
aquarium plant nutrition on this list and so I'm not so worried about
missing some of this information in the Aqua Journal.

Regards, Steve Dixon