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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #67

>Hi from a fellow lurker
>I have successfully grown an "underwater forest" in two 30lt tanks with
>yeast driven CO2.  I use 1 lt brews injecting into the impeller of the
>smallest corner filter I could find.  I don't think you can do much to
>safely regulate the flow but you can adjust the efficiency of absorption.
>Putting it into a DIY reactor was too efficient! (excessive pH drop)
>Getting some surface movement in the water provides (I guess) a failsafe in
>that it ensures the excess can escape.   I would suggest you try a 500ml
>brew in a container with not more than 100ml head space then experiment
>there.  My tanks became so dense that I have been able to plant out a 300lt
>and retain a goodly stock in the 30lts.
>Have fun!
>Phil (London, UK)

So there is no way to keep a 2 liter bottle, and reduce the reaction time,
or mixture in any way to keep the co2 flow at a manageable level?  I was
thinking maybe if I put half the yeast in, I might possibly slow down the
action a bit.  I would be injecting the co2 into a Penguin Biowheel Mini,
which is WAY overkill for the tank, considering that by any standard, I
should be turning the tank over 3-4 times per hour, so 2.5 x 4 = 10 gallons
per hour.  Given the 100 gallons per hour that the Mini runs, you might
imagine the surface movement.  :)  Despite covering the top the best I can,
I still blow a LOT of water through evaporation.  Given that, I think I can
blow quite a bit of co2 through the surface movement, but a 2 liter at full
blast would still be too much.  From past reading of APD posts, I wouldn't
even THINK about putting a valve in (snicker)...  :)  I have also heard
stories about yeast brew backwash into the tank, so limiting headroom makes
me nervous.  Still, something to think about.