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Re: Zucchini

"When feeding Bristlenoses (kept for their algae eating abilities - so this
question is just about within the scope of APD!) with Zucchini (or Courgette
in UK) everyone seems to blanche it first.  Is there some particular reason
for this?  I've just been peeling it & putting into the tank raw "

Great! something I can answer :)

No there's no real reason for blanching EXCEPT to help it sink :)  That still didn't
work for me so I take a slice and stick a lead plant weight strip through it and
drop it in.  It also stays where it's dropped this way.  Other folks use clips etc.
to hold it down.

Why peel it?  Remember "the peel is where all the vitamins hide"  and mine will eat
the peel, after they finish the good stuff.  If your bristlenoses have done there
job and you're running out of algae, also try kale, spinach, squash, cukes,
collards, mustard greens, and banana's.  they like a little variety. My clown
loaches like to dig in too.