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Re: Zucchini

> When feeding Bristlenoses (kept for their algae eating abilities - so this
>  question is just about within the scope of APD!) with Zucchini (or 
>  in UK) everyone seems to blanche it first.  Is there some particular reason
>  for this?  I've just been peeling it & putting into the tank raw (& stuffed
>  full of gravel to stop it floating away).  The B'noses seem to have no
>  problem eating it.  Does blanching get rid of any undesirable substances?
Blanching probably make it sink easier.  But the easiest way to feed zucchini 
is to buy a bag of frozen zucchini slices (or mixed vegetables and pick out 
the zucchini slices) and drop them in the tank frozen.  They have already 
been blanched when they were prepared for freezing, and the freezing will 
rupture the cell walls and make the zucchini watery.  It will waterlog almost 
as soon as it thaws in your tank and it will sink on its own.  When I feed 
zucchini to small fish, I break the frozen slices in half before I drop them 
in.  The fish have an easier time ripping it apart that way.

Best regards,