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Aqua Journal in Japanese

Here in Japan Aqua Journal is only 500 yen, ~$5.00 USD. Also the versions
here are about 3 years ahead of the ones put out by Vectra Point. Volume 38
first came out in August 1997 in Japan! Aquatic plant science has not really
changed that much over the years, but I have noticed that the ADA Lab has
gotten relatively high tech in their approach.

I must also point out that in June of 1999 ADA also stopped publication of
Aqua Journal too, but ADA is not about to drop the ball on this though. ADA
instead started the publication of 2 separate publications, Suikei and Do!
aqua. Suikei is a gorgeous publication on aquaria and nature. Even if one
cannot read Japanese Suikei is filled with so many large glossy pictures it
does not matter. About 100 pages of Suikei is made of high gloss paper with
lush tanks and nature photos. The other 30 pages or so is composed of: data
on the tanks pictured earlier, plant species info, layout guidance, and a
travel log of Amano and the crew. There is only one advertisement in this
whole magazine and it is for an ADA product on the back cover. The
publication is being put out on a seasonal basis for 1500 yen, ~$15.00 USD.
BTW, Suikei means 'Water View' in Japanese.

Do! aqua, yes that's what it is called, is more of a How-to, product info,
and tips publication. It is rather small at only 5x4 inches and 30 color
pages or so. Nonetheless it is filled with useful info and insight into
ADA's products. This publication is being put out on a monthly basis for
only 100 yen, less than $1 USD.

I just wanted to tell everyone what ADA is doing here. Some day they might
just realize how large a English speaking audience they have and publish
something new in English. Aquarium Plant Paradise, ISBN 0-7938-0518-X, was a
joke. Originally published in German in 1997 and then translated from German
into English. Not only was it out of date with techniques and product info,
but there were numerous typo's and misinformation on how to set up an 'Amano
Tank'. But that is another story.

Please do not send me email asking to if you can purchase Suikei or Do!
aqua. This is just an informative email, not a money making spamming

Ryan Stover