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Re: CO2 on a micro-level...

>Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2000 01:14:33 -0500
>From: "Matt" <marius1 at gate_net>
>Subject: CO2 on a micro-level...
>Hello, all!  I am upgrading from "lurker" status, which I have been for a
>couple months, now that I know how to actually post to this letter (thanks,
>I have a 2.5 gallon tank that is established and has been running for 2
>months now.  It is planted, currently housing some microsword, some very
>small vals, two clawed, algae eating shrimp of unknown origin, a bumblebee
>goby, and a small clown loach (to deal with a snail explosion).  I would
>like to add some co2 to this tank, as laughable an idea as it might be, to
>see if I can make this tank into a tiny .  I have just
>started DIY co2 on my 55 gallon tank, but I fear (understandably) that a 2
>liter bottle with the standard mix would really overkill the small tank.  I
>need a little advice on a DIY mix that would let me put some co2 on this
>tank without over-doing it.
>Thanks in advance!

Hi from a fellow lurker

I have successfully grown an "underwater forest" in two 30lt tanks with
yeast driven CO2.  I use 1 lt brews injecting into the impeller of the
smallest corner filter I could find.  I don't think you can do much to
safely regulate the flow but you can adjust the efficiency of absorption.
Putting it into a DIY reactor was too efficient! (excessive pH drop)
Getting some surface movement in the water provides (I guess) a failsafe in
that it ensures the excess can escape.   I would suggest you try a 500ml
brew in a container with not more than 100ml head space then experiment from
there.  My tanks became so dense that I have been able to plant out a 300lt
and retain a goodly stock in the 30lts.

Have fun!
Phil (London, UK)