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SFBAAPS open house(s)

SFBAAPS had another great open house again. Alan again impressed us with his
very unique set ups. One of the largest Fire eels(one of my all time
favorites!) I have seen and it is not fully grown yet either, in a nice wood
and plant display! Very nice. He has many neat timers all hooked up to a
home manger via the computer for timing and dimming of lighting systems with
modules. Way cool. He certainly put a large amount of time and care into his
tanks and it reflects in his tanks. He put a lot of effort into the over all
set up not just the contents of each of his 5 tanks. One of the nicest
submersed Crypt ciliata I have seen too. Goodie points there IMO.
Alan also uses some Quartz lighting and uses them on the auto dimmers for
very neat effect.
Thanks Alan! 
Getting together and sharing with the local folks in your area will help
everybody and improve your tanks. Please don't be shy, your tanks will be
Tom Barr