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spectral power distributions for MH lamps

Ivo and other APD folks,
I am looking for spectral power distribution charts for 400W "super" metal halide lamps to compare them with photosynthetic curve charts for terrestrial plants.  I'm growing peppers, amaryllis, and other (legal) tropical plants under artificial lights; so, I guess this is a bit off topic.  I can't find the information on the web, and when I called Sylvania/Osram they faxed me the wrong information.

I'm trying to compare clear (4000K, CRI=65), coated (3600K, CRI=70), and "3K" (coated, 3000K, CRI=70) lamps that should all be identical except for the phosphor coatings.  The clear lamp has the highest lumen rating, the normal coated is a little less, and the 3K coated is quite a bit less.  But if more if the light is shifted down into the 600 to 700nm wavelengths, the coated bulbs may actually be more efficient for my purposes.

Mainly, I'm just looking for links to the graphs.

Thank-you, and best regards,