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Re: Terrestrial babytears = aquatic babytears?

on 31/1/00 3:34 pm, Thanh Vinh at vinhthan at yahoo_com wrote:

> There is a terrestrial groundcover called babytears.
> Is this the same as
> the aquatic babytears?

Yes, I believe so. The terrestial babys tears are actually micranthemums and
they should be kept in a pot which is watered "from below" that is, via
osmosis. The plate below the pot must be kept filled with water or the babys
tears will dry out very quick.

The aquatic version that I suspect is the same species is Micranthemum
umbrosum. This is the round leaf variety of micranthemums. I haven't got any
with me right now, but if you do, you might like to try growing them emersed
and see what happens. I had a friend once who tried it, and he said it grows
emersed quite well, although I hadn't seen it yet. Try it out Thanh. I know
the terrestial version is a very nice plant to have.

So far, I have grown hydrocotyle and lilaepsis emersed quite successfully.
Both of them are growing very well in pots in my balcony :-)

Mark Pan
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