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New test kits from Hagen #2

Thank you all for your answers!

Here is more details. I tried to test distilled water with result probably  1ppm.
The test kit is very new. I will clean my test tubes with distilled water and try
to test everything again tomorrow. BTW I'm from Waterloo in Ontario.
The kit must be wrong. With 110 ppm of  NO3 my fish should be dead by now,
shouldn't it?
6 -Hyphessobrycon serpae
1- Corydoras paleatus
1- Peckolita vittata
1- Otocinclus affinis

>>If I would trust the kit, my 20gal tank has big problem with Nitrates (110
ppm).I also tried to test my tap >>water, but with same result (110ppm). Is it
possible to have Nitrates in tap water? Does anybody has >>experience with the
Hagen test kits? How can I find out how accurate it is?"

Waterloo, Ontario