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Re: Trimming Riccia

Dan P wanted to know of a method of trimming Riccia.
It's easy to trim BUT eventually you will have tons of them scattered
all over your tank. I do my trimming at water change.

With the siphon running, I use a long piece (12") of scissor to trim.
Before the actual cut, position the hose over them BUT not too close !

There will be some that are left in the tank and can be netted out. I
used the same method to trim Java Moss and the Triangular Moss, which
Loh Kwek Leong (timebomb at pacific_net.sg) posted (in a sealead envelope
!), from S'pore. They are now jungle. Thanks LKL !

Zon Hisham
-- The only virus left on my PC is the DOS partition