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Peat Pots

Roger wrote:

>This brings me back to the thread on planting methods.  Has anyone tried
>using peat pots for planting aquatic plants?  I'm thinking of the small
>(usually round, sometimes rectangular) pots pressed out of peat that are
>used for starting seeds that are then planted (pot and all) directly in
>the garden. The plant grows through the pot, which eventually

Yes I have, and it didn't work well.  The plants never were able to make it
through the peat pots, which never seemed to disintegrate properly in the
tank.  Of course, I've never had great results with them in the garden for
similar reasons.  Maybe there are some brands that are better than others,
but I wouldn't try it again.  

I'm not sure what the big deal is about planting plants directly in the
substrate anyway.