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Re: New test kits from Hagen

> On Sat, 29 Jan 2000, Richard wrote:
> > same result (110ppm). Is it possible to have Nitrates in tap water?
> > Does anybody has experience with the Hagen test kits? How can I find
> > out how accurate it is?
> It's possible to have nitrate in tap water, but the level should never
> exceed 44 mg/l (10 mg/l as nitrate-nitrogen) in a public water supply.
> That's a public health standard recognized and used all over the world.
> 110 ppm is staggeringly high for a water supply.  If you're reading the
> kit correctly then it's almost certainly wrong.
> Roger Miller
You can also contact your water supplier to get a water analysis. To
test the correct working
of your test kit, use destilled or RO water. If you read 0 ppm, your
test kit is working, but
maybe you cant trust the 110 ppm.

Juergen Schilling