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Lighting. Metal Halide? VHO?

     I am in the process of starting a 75 gallon Dutch style tank.  All of
my other tanks have plants, but for the most part, I have just used the
single bulbs that came with my tanks.  Yes, the plants survive, but they do
not thrive, and for a Dutch tank to look nice, I know the plants have to
thrive, and to thrive, they need proper lighting.  I have heard that metal
halide and VHO are great choices, but how do I go about finding the proper
system?  I don't know much about lighting.  Do I want the same wattage when
using metal halide or VHO, as with regular flourescent bulbs?  I mean, I
would need something like 6 regulat 40watt flourescent bulds right?  I know
that if I had a fish store special order Metal Halide or VHO, it would be
very expensive, so I took a look at EBay today, and there are several metal
halide systems, but not knowing a thing about lighting, I really do not know
what system would be good for a 75 gallon Dutch style tank. Are there any
webpages that would be helpful to me in learning more about good lighting
Leah_Neuhauser at brown_edu