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Ph and CO2 in new tank

After reading the lists for several months, I set up a 70 gallon tank, 
following all the advice I could get.  It has been up and running now for 
about 4 weeks.  For the most part, everything seems to be doing okay, but I 
do have a few problems which I don't understand.  The first concern is Ph and 
Co2.  My tap water has a Ph of 6.8 which is what this tank started out with. 
The Kh is 6, and pressurized injected Co2 at about 1 to 2 bubbles per second 
should read about 28 ppm according to George L. Booth's chart on the krib.  
However, after testing with a Red Sea Co2 kit, I could not get a reading - no 
matter how much reagent I added, indicating I thought, a very high amount of 
Co2.  Thinking the Red Sea kit was in error, I tested with a La-Mott kit.  
Results showed over 100 ppm. of Co2. If I turn off the Co2, the Ph steadily 
rises approaching 8.0, which I do not want.  The few fish, ottos, barbs, and 
tetras - 10 in all don't seem to be doing well either, In fact, a few have 
died.  Can the Co2 be as high as indicated and what makes the Ph in a new 
tank keep rising?  I change 25% of the water every week, have 200 watts of 
flourescent light, 50/50 mix of laterite substrate, tank is heavily planted, 
and plants are growing, but lately some are turning yellow - especially the 
Ludwigia, the Didiplis Dian,and the Crypt, Wenditi, so I started adding some 
Pmdd.  Also, as of yet, have no algae of any kind.  Please Help. Frank , West 
Chester, PA.