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Re: Sexton's clay

On Sat, 29 Jan 2000, Steve Pushak wrote:
> Finally got to the bottom of my inbox after getting about 2 months
> behind!

Great to read you on the list again, Steve!

> I had a friend make some small rectangular shaped clay pots that seem
> perfect for using in an aquarium. The only problem is where to get more!
> I only have 3! I reckon somebody could make a good living selling these
> things through the internet and to aquarium outlets! You could even
> include the custom made substrate materials too! ;-)

This brings me back to the thread on planting methods.  Has anyone tried
using peat pots for planting aquatic plants?  I'm thinking of the small
(usually round, sometimes rectangular) pots pressed out of peat that are
used for starting seeds that are then planted (pot and all) directly in
the garden. The plant grows through the pot, which eventually

Roger Miller

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