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Thanks, new tank in Wichita

	I just wanted to thank everyone.  I started by tank a week ago and I am 
using all the good ideas I learned from this list (and others).  This is 
the first tank i will have had in quite a few years.
	It is a 29gal tank which I plan to put goldfish.  I am considering 2 with 
one dojo loach.
	I now have a penguin 330 power filter.  The reason for this is they are 
easy to change, clean filter cartridge than a canisters and I learned that 
goldfish are VERY messy.
	The tank has one 24" fluorescent light which I put a full spectrum light 
in, don't remember the name.  It is in my plant room which has 2 48" plant 
grow lights.  i plan to upgrade to a tank light with 2 bulbs but that will 
have to wait till later.
	I was going to put in a kitty litter/sand substrate but I could not find 
plain kitty litter!  I ended up with just sand and tetra initial sticks.  I 
also bought some Hilena Crypto Tablets.  A note on washing sand, I didn't 
rinse by sand since it was a little cool outside and since I bought sand 
that was already cleaned I decided to take my chances.  I was not going to 
cycle the tank with fish so I decided to let the filter and some floccent 
clear it up, took a week to clear out.
	I was going to put some anachris in, since it grows fast and the goldfish 
like to nibble on it,  but i haven't been able to find any.  The guy at the 
LFS suggested hornwort so I got two bunches of that.  Now i learned that I 
will probably need more light so it may get pulled out fast if it starts to 
look to bad.  I haven't decided on what type of liquid fertilzer, 
electrolyte, trace iron mix to use, suggestions?
	I bought a pH,ammonia, and nitrate test kit and dropped some fish food in 
the tank.  Well the first few days I just tested pH and ammonia.  I figured 
that I'll test for nitrates after i see ammonia go up.  Well the pH test 
kit recommended by the LFS was pegged high on the scale (7.6) after 2 
days.  I went back to another LFS to get a wider range pH test kit.  I had 
.5ppm ammonia but it never went higher,  So I tested for nitrates and I was 
surprised to see .25ppm and the next day it was .5 ppm, still there 
today.   Definite nitrate spike, not much of a ammonia spike.
	I noticed the decaying plant food had settled in a little part of the tank 
from the currents. So I decided to practice my water changes.  I would like 
to offer a twinke to the person would put "towel" as a necessary item for 
water changes.  I was amazed how much junk settles to the bottom of a tank 
and how quick you can fill a 5 gal pale!  I am considering getting a 
python.  Can a python owner tell me how you mix de-chlorinators when you 
fill with a python?
	LFS in Wichita KS.  of coarse none can touch mail order prices.  Mark up 
are nearly double.  Everyone, carries spectra stone, but you can get plain 
gravel.  Everyone, also carries painted tetras.
Petmart and  Petco have a little better prices for hardware and decorations 
and a decent variety.  Would not buy fishes from them.  Plant are okay.
The Cove, Great fish, fresh water and marine including invertebrates, small 
selection of plants.  they also sell those pretty African roots (at $10/lbs!).
Fins and Feathers, Nice freshwater and marine fish, few plants.
Gumptons Pets,  Nice fish, mostly freshwater, great plants.  Prices higher 
than average.
The Aquarium, Great for marine fish and invertebrates, small freshwater 

Rolando R. Gomez
shadoe at kscable_com
ICQ#: 11947788
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