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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #61

> From: IDMiamiBob at aol_com
> Subject: Crystal Val?
> I had to move the 55-gallon planted tank ( Women- it was two days ago, and
> now she wants it on the other side of the room) which has become covered
> Valisneria.  I ordered Crystal val, and thought that was what I had until
> started getting longert and longer.  The info at the AAG website said it
> got to 24 " long.  This stuff measures 42" long.  Can it still be crystal
> val, or is it something else?
> I'd like to replace it with something shorter while I have it all ripped
> apart anyway.  Suggestions?
> Bob Dixon

Given the proper conditions Vallisneria "Crystal River"  is a very robust,
invasive and large(long) plant.  I have 1/2 of a 75gal full of it.  It needs
a complete overhaul evey sixty to ninety days.  My local LFS gets about 60
to 70 of the older plants, and I replant the youngsters for future trading
material.  While this stirs up the substrate a bit, there is no long lasting

Vallisneria simply grows long when the right conditions are met.  I have a
75gal planted with Val "Contortionist" which barely reaches the surface.
Much lower light, less CO2 and modest water column  fertilizer.  The same
plant in my 240 gal which has optimum light, strong CO2, and strong water
column fertilizer reaches a length of  36 to 40" and is thicker, much
greener, as coiled as any "corkscrew" I've ever seen,  and wider-leafed.

While it sounds as though you might be complaining, I have a hunch you are
really pretty happy to have this "problem".

There are a couple of Vallisneria asiatica species which may fit your needs.
Availability and identification are sometimes a problem.  Check with your
local Aquarium Society or some of the plant sellers' websites.   As with
most plants, even with a description of size color and other
characteristics, tank conditions will have a definite impact.  Otherwise,
harvest, harvest harvest! 8-)