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Re: lighting

<< On Fri, 28 Jan 2000, Hanna Weiss wrote:
 >  i was wondering what you all use for lighting and if 1 24 inch 20 watt
 > bulb, and 1 18 inch 15 watt bulb is ok for a 36" L, 24"H and 12"W. Many
 > tanks!
Hiya.. I have the same tank as yours with two 30 watt regular flourescents 
(T12) on it.  I would be able to grow low light and med. light plants, but 
not high light. This is mainly cuz of the depth of hte tank being 24inches.   
Someone mentioned adding CO2.  I heard that CO2 is more efficent with higher 
lighting, but it will help.   You dont necessarily NEED co2 though. 
Lighting on fish tanks can cost an arm and a leg.. esp with deeper tanks.  
But deeper tanks are more recommended for plants. 
I dont have plants in my 45 , but I am going to be getting them in my 120 
gallon, which is also two feet deep.  Im looking at compact flourescents for 
it. These types of light are more efficient than regualr flourescents but use 
less wattage.  But of course, they are also more expensive.  
For a good lighting system, you could be looking at alotta cash spending!!
Good luck.