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Re: Lighting

> Hanna wrote: <naboo3 at juno_com>
> Subject: lighting
> 	i was wondering what you all use for lighting and if 1 24 inch 20 watt
> bulb, and 1 18 inch 15 watt bulb is ok for a 36" L, 24"H and 12"W
Looks like you have ~45G with 35w of lighting. Not very much, to 
say the least. Even with 2 - 40w 48" bulbs, you're still only getting 
1.8w/gal, which is a lot better, but still low for high light lovers. 
HOWEVER, 4' bulbs won't fit over a 3' tank. Power compacts are 
most likely what you'll need. It all depends what you're growing. 
Anubias might like the 35watts, but you're probably in need of lots 
more light.

Jamie    <"\\\><