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Re: lighting

On Fri, 28 Jan 2000, Hanna Weiss wrote:

> 	i was wondering what you all use for lighting and if 1 24 inch 20 watt
> bulb, and 1 18 inch 15 watt bulb is ok for a 36" L, 24"H and 12"W. Many
> tanks!

For most purposes this isn't enough light.  Actually, this is probably dim
enough to make nocturnal fish comfortable during the day.

I've had two tanks with the same footprint.  One was nominally a 30 gallon
tank, somewhere around 10" shallower than yours.  I had one 30 watt
fluorescent on that tank for a while and that was enough to grow algae and
low light plants.  I now have a 35 gallon tank about 5" shallower than
yours.  It's lit with two 30-watt fluorescents and that, too is enough for
mostly algae and low-light plants.  It would probably work better with
added CO2.

You have a very limited choice of plants that will grow in a 24" deep tank
under 35 watts of fluorescent light.  Try some mosses.

Roger Miller