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Need advice on sump pump

I have been reading this list for a while, and finally decided to ask a
question.  Now I don't want to start a holy war; I just want opinions. 
I have a 20 gallon planted aquarium.  Right now I have a small 1 gallon
plastic triangular aquarium setup beside it for a sump.  In the sump is
a powerhead from Walmart.  Now this does give me no room for heaters,
CO2 reactors, or anything else which has to be in the aquarium right
now.  I am therefore planning to put a 10 gallon aquarium that I have
stored in the garage or possibly another suitable plastic container to
work for a good sump.  I need to know what kind of pump might be ok to
use and not cost a great amount (~$50 being the largest amount I want to
spend).  I would appreciate any input on this subject of pumps that
might help.
Josh Liechty