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Compact fluorescents

    In an attempt to increase the number of plants in my tanks I have 
upgraded my lighting system in my two ten gallon tanks.  On one tank I've 
used some compact fluorescent bulbs I found in WalMart.  They screw right 
into an old incandescent hood.  That's two bulbs at 15 watts and 700 lumens 
(Kelvins unknown).  They remain cool enough to touch and give my tank a 
yellowish glow compared to the other tank.  I've never used this light so 
I'm not sure if it simulates natural daylight, however, my fish seem to like 
    The other tank has one fluorescent striplight with the original bulb.  
This bulb is 15 watts and gives off a very white color.  I just added 
another striplight but I think I'm going to take it away, with it in place I 
can't add the little plastic handle to pull the lid up and thus cannot feed 
my fish!
    Is the white light I experience with the standard fluorescent light the 
same as I would get if I switched to those expensive (for me) full spectrum 
daylight bulbs?  I'd also like to know if full spectrum bulbs are really 
necessary.  I know that fifteen watts is not enough light, but would 
increasing the wattage alone (say, to thirty) work, or do I need the full 
spectrum as well?
    Also, I'd like to add some short foreground plants or carpet plants to 
my tanks.  I've heard that Java moss is excellent for this, but I can't find 
any in the half dozen or so pet shops in the area...so are they any reliable 
web sites out there that can send me some?
    One final question, I've recently picked up some unknown tetras they are 
about a 1/4 inch in size fully grown, red in the edges of their fins.  When 
they hit the light they appear an electric luminescent blue in color.  
Anyone know what they are?

Thanks bunches,
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