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Beginner doing Research


I am very new to planted tanks.  I currently have a 90 gallon tall fish tank
which has been successfully running a reef system.  I have 2 48" fluorescent
bulbs (super actinic blue), 2 175watt 10000k metal halides (with white
reflector), a 20 gallon sump, and an Aquacontroller System.  All live
contents of the tank are being sold this week.  So - now I am investigating
the setup of my new adventure Planted Tanks with minimal fish.  I was
intrigued by "Nature Aquarium World", book 3.

Could someone please furnish me with information on:
What equipment I would need (filtration, heating, etc)
How to set up the equipment
Sump or No Sump
Gravel Requirements
and anything else I probably haven't considered.

I am planning co2 injection, temperature control, PH probe, Orp Probe and
Lighting control using the Aquacontroller.

I have bred discus with this same tank about 6 years ago and am sure much
has changed in this hobby as it has in the salt water hobby.

Any comments, links etc greatly appreciated.

John Farnocchia