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Re: Websites and the blizard of 2000

Hi guys,

Dateline:  Pinehurst, NC  Second Ice Age

I don't know if you saw it on the news or not.  We had one hell of a blizard down
here!  Power/phones/water etc. went out Monday and just came back on about an hour
ago (Thursday 2PM).  Outside temp dropped to 15 degrees last night, the coldest in
two years here, having a total electric house SUCKS!

I had six tanks running on the battery backups for about 8 hours then they quit.
For the last two days I've only been able to keep the inside temp about 55 with
the fireplace and the tanks about 55-58 by pouring luke warm water into them.  I
was only able to do two 10% water changes.  The goods news is that so far losses
have been low.  All my Rams, two clown loaches, and 4 guppys.  All from different
tanks.  Looked like the fish sort of shut down and floated last night when tank
temps hovered around 50.  I'm slowly bringing them up to temp and starting water
changes again after the hot water heater warms up.

Snow is still ass deep and none of the roads plowed yet.  I can't even get out of
the driveway, drifts are 3-4 feet high behind the cars.  I can't believe I'm 30
miles from the SC border.

Goes without sayin that I havn't had a chance to set up any sites yet for those
that asked :)  I hope to have them up and running for y'all this weekend.  If the
damn power stays on!