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Re: checker barb

Alexander Yohannes Suhendra asked...

>do checker barbs ( Barbus oligolepis ) eat algae as rosy barbs do ?
>i plan to add a few of them into my tank as algae eater.

I have a school of about 35 in a 30 gallon. Like cherry barbs
they will nibble at some algae. I recall adding a small clump
of hair algae to their tank. They eventually ate it. Don't
expect miracles. They don't bother with some green algae found
on plants. Maybe I'll do a little experiment tonight.

I did add a huge amount of hair algae to my 180 gallon three
weeks ago - at least two gallons in volume. It was gone in a
week. The potential beneficiaries were two bristlenose, six
SAEs, three rosy barbs, four clown barbs, a bala shark, and
twenty cherry barbs. The SAEs didn't seem very interested. I
find the cherry barbs liven up the tank. Their antics are a
panic to watch.

Dave Whittaker
Gloucester, Ontario
ac554 at FreeNet_Carleton.ca