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watts per gallon - DIY CO2 is fine for a big tank!

Hi all,
I obviously agree that in some tank more then '2 watts/gallon'' is
required. Example I have a 30''x15''x12'' 20 Gallon tank that only grows
healthy stem plants when 3 NO fluro tubes are over it = 3 w/g However I
feel this rule is inadequate for large tanks.

My favourite LFS has a 220 G tank 60x30x30'' and is is lit with a mere 140
Watts of MH light (2x70W) The tank has 8 discus and is filled with 'high
light stem plants' It has automatic CO2 and a full dupla compliant set up.
However this is far less then one watt per gallon. 

I have recently set up a tank 48x24x24 to be a planted discus tank. 4x40
watt fluros, 4x2L CO2 yeast bottles, one changed per week, This can bring
the pH from 7.4 kH 6 to under pH6 if injected into my new Eheim 2226 filter
(wow what a fantastic filter, I am a recent Eheim follower and am
considering buying one for each tank eventually, 4 tanks, this filter kicks
aanything else hands down) 

With regards CO2 of course compressed is the best. However I feel a bigger
tank can use yeast CO2 better then a small tank, ie 4 bottles, one changed
each week will provide a more constantt flow of CO2 then a small tank with
one bottle changed once per four weeks.

Changing a yeast bottle takes about 3 minutes.

Dan Green, expressing his opinion on recent topics of conversation.
eg 220W for 120 G.

bevgreen at cygnus_uwa.edu.au