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Re:96w power compacts


How did you find these fitting into the canopy? Was it a DIY, and if so,
did you arrange it (how 'bout a schematic!) Give us a little detail,
That's a nice amount of light and I'm thinking of doing the same now
they're available (4 X 96W)

 > Oh btw, the tank is 120 gal.  42 x 30 (front to back) x 22 >>

Do you find this a bit deep to mess around in?I'm thinking the longer
tank  that's less tall might be better for optimum light arrangement
as well as underwater gardening once set up.

Bob Olesen

Hi Bob,

the retro kit I used utilized 36" bulbs, they clip onto a reflector,
which is attached inside my wodden canopy. Look at premiumaquatics.com,
they have them at good prices.  Yes, my tank is deep to mess with, but I
had it custom made to fit a particular spot, plus I like deep tanks
(front to back), to give it the added dimension.  It was a reef tank, so
the live rock and corals looked good in a 'square tank'.

Someone on this list mentioned the 7100k blue bulbs might even kill
plants.  I don't understand how this could be, if someone could clarify
please.  Actually I think 4 x 96w is a little overkill, since power
compacts put out more lumens per watt than do regular flourescents.
about twice as much. So I will probably just use 2 bulbs.  I have asked
Jason at Premium Aquatics if he could get the 5500k bulbs for me,
haven't heard back from him yet, just sent the email a few minutes ago.

Now if I could decide on substrate,  I've about decided to use a mixture
of 'Aquarium Pharm First Layer Pure Laterite' and 2-3mm gravel (which I
found already), underneath a layer of plain 2-3 mm gravel.  Yesterday
while browsing "That Pet Place" website, I found a Carib Sea product
called Plant tank Laterite, in 50 pound bags, haven't got any details on
how to use this yet, but it might be a possibility.

Another reason I might not use all 4 bulbs is I'm not going to use CO2.
Not any time soon anyway.
I would consider DIY CO2 but I've learned it's a moot point with a tank
of 120 size.

While I'm rambling, I might as well throw out some of my other plans, to
see what you all think.
Probably root feed primarily, with Jobes.  Might use some water column
fertilizer sparingly, until I get the hang of what's going on!  Probably
SeaChem's Fluorish.

Haven't decided on a tap water conditioner, like a dechlorinator.  Any
good suggestions?
Haven't a clue on buffering chemicals yet.
Will probably  use Aquarium Pharm test kits for PH, GH, KH, might get
iron kits later.
I plan to order a large decorator kit from Aquarium Driftwood,  will put
the 50 or so plants in for about 2 months, before I add any fish.  My
tank has an overflow into a sump, will put the return outlets down in
the tank to provide a mild current around the tank..  Will add a
canister filter later, when my fish load increases. probably a Fluval

I think that's all, I would appreciate any positive or negative
criticisms and suggestions.
Thanks to everyone who is so helpful to me and others on this list.

Have a great day!


I'ts finally supposed to snow here in Memphis tomorrow. *keeping fingers