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Re: Absolutely essential test kits for planted aquaria???

> On Wed, 26 Jan 2000, samm wrote:
> > Being on a student budget, I wanted to know the most
> > essential test kits for a planted aquarium.

The cheapest kit I know of that covers basics for a CO2 injected tank is
probably the Tetra Laborette. Here the description from
http://www.petwhse.com :

"The Tetra Deluxe Laborett Kit allows simple determination of: total
hardness, carbonate hardness, freshwater pH, nitrite, and ammonia content
for both freshwater and saltwater. Also includes an informative handbook,
easy-to-read color strips, and a helpful diagnosis pad."

They are only $13.95 for the whole kit. I use it for quick checks of KH/GH
when I don't feel like using my "real" test kits. Other than pH/KH/GH, you
can pretty much let the plants tell you everything else. That said, I'm a
test junky. (I'll admit it :) I prefer to run my full test suite at least
monthly. (full suite defined on my web page)

Jon Wilson