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Substrate testing

Back to substrate testing again. I tested Flourite, sand, litter, yard 
soil, Turface, and Natural River Rock back in August for total metal 
content and CEC's. I'm getting some data together about 
substrates and need some help. The gracious and always curious 
APDer's can help out by sending me any of the commerical 
substrates not listed above and maybe a few 'homebrews'. With 
enough research, we may find the 'Holy Grail' of substrates with 
this hit-or-miss approach. It would definitely benefit most of us 
aquatic gardeners to know some real numbers when dealing with 
substrate choices. Contact me off-list for a mailing address. I'll 
need between 1/4-1/2 cup (~50-100g) for both analysis. 
Commerical gravel is pretty inert (epoxy colored and coated) and 
probably has the same characteristics as sand, so no gravel 
please. I'd like to test some red art clay (pottery), homebrews with 
peat, homebrews with vermiculite and vermic.+ peat, commerical 
laterites, maybe some new Seachem substrates (Onyx, etc.). 

Thanks in advance,
Jamie <"\\\><, in SC with snow still on the ground
Jamie    <"\\\><