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RE: 2nd desperate call for help

Well from what I am reading it appears that your tank has not
cycled yet or is unable to  maintain the level you are
asking of it with all those water changes. Are you changing
the water because of high ammonia or nitrate levels or just
to reduce the cloudiness. STOP CHANGING THE WATER.

You are not allowing the tank to cycle and are introducing
additional micro-nutrients from the tap.  The tank will clear
in time. Most tank require 8-12 weeks to cycle and then
you can start doing weekly water changes for the plant
and fishes benefit. You will have to do a partial water
change if the ammonia levels get to high however.

The green water might just be a algae bloom. Many people myself included 
were able alleviate it with the use of 1 day's use of a Diatom filter or 
Diatom powder added to  a Hot Magnum or Micron
filter cartridge and not have it return. The PH is fine why must you
get to 7.0 plants live in acid water of 6.0 - 7.0 range quite nicely.
Lower PH in your case could be the biological load and CO2 you are
placing into your system.

Hope some of this helps.

Rob Cartier
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