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TBAS Feb. meeting

    Tampa Bay Aquarium Soc. meeting for Feb.14th ( Valentine's day) will
feature Randy Carey on the "Art of Characins"

The talk walks through four areas of this art:
[1] understanding the characins in their groupings and classification
[2] acquiring rarer species
[3] keeping rarer species
[4] breeding.
Each of these areas can be considered an "art" -- something that takes
practice to become skilled at.
Many of the slides were donated from Stan Weitzman at the Smithsonian.

Randy Carey  writes a quarterly column for TFH also titled
"The Art of Characins."  His website is "Randy's Fishroom" (soon to change
"Randy's Aquaria") and can be found at http://characin.com   In the nine
that he has been active in the Minnesota Aquarium Society, and have had
BAP'ed over
160 species and earned the club's "diversification" award.

The meeting starts at 7 PM in class room A