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Absolutely essential test kits for planted aquaria???

Being on a student budget, I wanted to know the most
essential test kits for a planted aquarium.  The
literature at the krib regarding this subject refers
mostly to marine setups, so I couldn't quite discern
the most essential ones for my planted tank.  The
obvious one is a PH test kit that everyone should have
(shhhhh... ;-)  Other than that, I am leaning towards
a KH test kit (to use in conjunction with PH and the
krib chart to figure dissolved co2).  As for the
Nitrogen test kits, I don't quite know the most
essential.  The tank that I have is considerably
undercrowded (didn't know there were tanks like that
did you?... :-) with only 3 fish [2 juvenile mollies
and a 2.5" pleco] for 55G {I am still in the process
of researching with fish to buy...the tank is
moderately planted [not too heavily] and has been
running since Oct.}...Now back to test kits. 
Considering that I don't have to worry about
overcrowdedness and the related stress that comes with
it [usually Ammonia] (for now ;-) which nitrogen test
kits are most essential in determining the available
nitrogen for plants in the water column [ie, in order
of importance for a **planted** aquarium, how would
you rank Ammonia, Nitrite, and Nitrate test kits in
terms of importance, and which displays the bulk of
the nitrogen available to plants]
Although I do not want to start a Holy War, please
feel recommend specific brands whether because of
crucial accuracy or simplicity [please state which!]
(maybe via email ;-).  With a cursory look at the test
kit shelf, the lfs seems to offer mostly tetra kits.

PS>> would an Iron test kit be considered among the
essentials for a planted tank???

Thanks in advance!
samm in Los Angeles
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