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sorry-more newbie questions

Hi everyone,
I've been lurking for about a month now and thought I'd finally come out and 
say hi, ask a few questions. I've been reading all the faqs and archives but 
a few things still confuse me. First of all, my aquarium is 30gal, set up a 
month ago with one bunch of anacharis, one A. ulvaceous, and two 
microswords... not very interesting I know but I wanted to learn more before 
I bought a lot of plants. There are also 5 zebra danios. Everyone looks 
healthy, but when I had my water tested yeaterday the ammonia, nitrite and 
nitrate were all above safe levels. Any ideas how this could happen? The 
guys at the store really couldn't tell me anything. What they did say that 
_really_ confused me is that the pH, which was 7.6, should be 8.2 because 
that is what the local tap water is. Is that correct? Everything I've read 
so far indicates the pH should be 6.5-7.5, not dependent on the local water. 
I hope one of you can answer this for me because now I am just totally 

My final question: I looked at a CO2 injector on Arizona Aquatic's website 
the other day which uses tablets and is very affordable. ($35) It's called 
the Bioplast Nutriflex system. I'm not ready to spend a lot of money on a 
CO2 system, so this sounded good. Has anyone used it with good results?

Thanks for any info you can provide and my apologies if any of this has been 
covered before...

San Jose, CA
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