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RE: Thiosulphate and chlorine/Chloramine

Wright Huntley properly jumped quickly yesterday to correct an oversight in
one of my posts. I had said that thiosulfate wouldn't do squat if the water
was treated with chloramine. Wright corrected me by stating that it would
break the chlorine - ammonia bond and could result in ammonia poisoning.
Given my OTHER post regarding the AGA Proposal, I can only claim that I may
have had other things on my mind when I answered Julie's original post.

Of course I know that problem exists - over the years, I have lost a number
of fish for that VERY reason. Amquel and Prime are both capable of
neutralizing BOTH the chlorine AND the ammonia in chloramine treated water.
I must have been thinking that thiosulphate ALONE will not make chloramine
treated water safe for fish. But my main question remains -

Both of these products are known to interfere with test results from both
Nessler method Ammonia kits and Winkler method Dissolved Oxygen kits. Is
there ANY product which can be used on chloramine treated water which WON'T
interfere with these two test kits????


James Purchase