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Re: Fluval x04

Thanks for the info.
I probably didn't register my filter.  Anyway, I've had a number of other
off-list replies saying the same thing.  My LFS were slightly more
non-committal but agreed to 'fix the problem' if I brought the filter-head
I wouldn't be surprised if the impeller assembly is the same (& has the same
problems!) across the range.
I think maybe I'll contact the LFS again (unfortunately they're not local to
me but had the 'best deal' at the time) & ask them to send the replacement
bits in the mail.
I have the smaller model Fluval, the 304. Did you register your new filter?
After I had mine for about a month I received in the mail, from Fluval, a
new impeller assembly. It was a big improvement. I don't know if the problem
was just with the 304, or just with my run of filters, but it might be worth
getting in touch with the company to find out if there is a replacement for
John Godbey Springfield, VA