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new Fluval filters


I have the smaller model Fluval, the 304.  Did you register your new filter?
After I had mine for about a month I received in the mail, from Fluval, a
new impeller assembly.  It was a big improvement.  I don't know if the
problem was just with the 304, or just with my run of filters, but it might
be worth getting in touch with the company to find out if there is a
replacement for yours.

John Godbey
Springfield, VA

>Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2000 15:28:33 -0000
>From: "Buckley, Kevin" <kevin.buckley at nectech_co.uk>
>Subject: Otocinclus problems

>Having run out of ideas I decided to service the filter (Fluval 404) during
>which I found that there were cracks in the impeller housing retaining
>& the impeller itself seems to foul the filter housing.  Now the filter
>won't start up properly (runs noisily like it's air-locked but won't clear.
>It's about 4 months old by the way).
>By the way, has anyone else had problems with the Fluval 404?  It's a
>relatively new model I believe.
>Kevin Buckley