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Re: 220 watts of light on a 120 gallon?

>Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2000 06:56:33 -0600
>From: Rod Hanks <rhanks at benchbuilt_com>
>My off the cuff answer to this was going to be "no way", and
>I was very surprized by the post from Chuck Gadd, who said
>that George Booth's 120 tanks do fine with 4 x 40 flourescent

Just for the record: the tanks with FL lights are 100g (60"x18"x22" high).
We use two 40 W normal output Tritons and two 40 W normal output PennPlax
Ultra Tri-Lux tubes. Both types are "tri-phosphor" and relatively spendy -
$22 ea from Mail Order Pet Shop. One tank uses two Triton "Enhancer"
reflectors (nice but not worth the money) and the other uses a couple of
gutted Sears shop light fixtures. Both produce abut 15,000 lux at the
surface (4" from the bulbs). The ends of the tank aren't as bright as the
middle (60" tank, 48" bulbs) - a good place for Anubias, Java Fern, Crypts
and Bolbitus.  

George Booth, Ft. Collins, Colorado (booth at frii_com)