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RE: VHO bulbs

>From: Leonardo <cathouse at cdsnet_net>
>So... If anyone on the list has a favorite source for VHO bulbs, would
>you pass along the information?
>The best I can do at my local electrical supply is to order a case of
>30, which is just a bit drastic for me at this time.  The price they are
>quoting me for 50/50 sylvania bulbs is $21.95 each.  That sounded high
>for case price.  But the ballast price is only $91.00, which I did like
>the sound of.

VHO bulbs come in sizes ranging from 18" to 8', so it is hard to guess what
you are pricing. Before I switched to Durotest lights, I was using URI
bulbs. Here is one site for URI:

I really prefer the Durotest bulbs, but they are more expensive. You can
call 1-800-buy-duro and ask for consumer sales to get a quote. 72" 160w VHO
bulbs are $42. They charge a flat 15% to ship. They also guarantee safe
delivery and replace damaged bulbs at their expense with just a phone call.
They have a web site:

Jon Wilson