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Re: Pruning anubias.

on 24/1/00 8:39 am, Bailin Shaw at bailin_shaw at hotmail_com wrote:

> Oops, I also meant to ask what a good way to prune and propogate anubias
> would be.  I'd like to cut away the pitted leaves once some new leaves have
> come in, but am not sure how that would affect the plants.  Thanks again.

You might like to try this. Simply make a few shallow cuts on the rhizome of
your anubias. Out of some of the cuts, new shoots will appear. Your anubias
will then have branches :-)

I've done this with some measure of success before. I can't understand why
*some* cuts work and some don't but generally, I make about 3 cuts per
3-inch rhizome. Soon, I'll have 3 branches (so to speak) that I can either
leave on the plant or cut off to have more plants. I've only bought 3 or 4
anubias in my life. But I've got more than a dozen anubias now :-)

Mark Pan
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