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Re: CO2 on 120 gallon tank

> Okay, I was hoping to do the co2 the DIY way, but if it's going to be just a
> lot more trouble for me, I would rather go withthe pressurized system.
> I see one in petwarehouse, made by Ultralife. (page 81 in the mid winter PW).
> It comes with a 5lb co2 bottle. How long would this last, if anyone knows?

Per my earlier email, skip the over-priced systems.   A 5lb bottle on my
75g lasted about 3 months.  I think it would have lasted even a little more,
but I lost a bit of CO2 initally during a few setup accidents (before it was
connected to the fish tank, so no harm done!).

A refill for me was $8.00 for my 5lb bottle.  I'm probably going to
trade up to a 10lb tank next time I need a fill.  The cost to fill a
10lb tank is only $9.00.  Obviously the cost of filling a tank is 
primarily labor...  The gas is pretty cheap.