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Sick Discus Update - CO2 comments

Hi Again!

A few days ago I sent an urgent message about some weird problems which my 
four discus seemed to be having.

I am happy to report that all four discus are well, eating heartily and 
showing some good colour. Unfortunately one Otto Cat did die following the 
CO2 incident.

I would like to thank those of you who took a few minutes to write me words 
of wisdom and support. I've never felt so bad for fish before so perhaps 
this incidient helped me to find a small slice of my "humanity". Even so I 
would have preferred not submitting the fish to that.

With regards to the cause. I am firmly of the belief that CO2 overdosing was 
indeed the problem. Prior to the new DIY CO2 bottles being hooked up there 
was no problem. After the hookup the problem happened. Measurements of pH, 
Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate and hardness all were fine. No large variances 
from normal values for this tank. Unfortunately I do not have a CO2 test kit 
so I couldn't be 100% conclusive using test results. I hadn't fertilized for 
about three days prior to the problem so iron is also unlikely.

This tank is a 100 Gallon (72X18X18). There is no surface agitation. The 
atmospheric interface between the tank and the outside world is a 4 inch 
muffin fan which runs 12 hours per day while the lights are on.
I believe that the air above the surface of the water is likely the same as 
that found in other rooms of the hours based on this.

The DIY yeast generator has been somewhat interesting to use. Temperature 
certainly plays a large role in terms of the amount of CO2 generated. 
Freshness of the batch is also important.

In a few days I will connect one of the bottles back to the tank after it 
has been running for at least one day. When the Gomberg CO2 unit finally 
arrives it will replace the DIY. I am looking forward to this if only for 
the peace of mind that I've heard the high pressure units provide.

One other comment. On Page 47 of the Aquarium Plants Manual by Barron's the 
following is written in the section on Wrong water temperature:

"In high heat, O2 consumption though respiration exceeds O2 liberation 
though photosythesis. A deficiency of Oxygen in the tank is the result."


If this is correct then this also could have a direct relationship to the 
problem. I need high heat for my discus (84 - 86). However in the summer 
months I imagine that several list members probably experience involuntary 
high heat as well.

Thanks again for your help!

~Jamie N

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