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Newbie plant grower

Hi everyone, I joined this for help with starting plants in my tanks.
    Due to space limitations I must confine myself to two ten gallon tanks 
(Sigh).  I have been operating so far with the standard fluorescent hood, 
one bulb 13watts.  I am not able to grow anything with this except 
Apontogeton ulvaceus.  I want to keep everything neat and tidy because the 
tanks sit in my living room.  My last option would be to add another 
striplight, but I have two other options that I'd like to run by everyone 
first.  At Aquarium hobbyist Supply (www.ahsupply.com) I found an upgrade 
kit to boost my striplight to standard compact with the options of two 5000 
K or 6400 K bulbs.   I also found Standard Compact Electronic Bulbs made by 
GE, their specs are:  Fluorescent bulb, screw in socket, 700 lumens, 15 
watts, a life of 6000 hours.  I can fit two of these bulbs in an old 
incandescent hood. In a trial run the produce a very yellow light, rather 
Here are my questions:
1.  Which of these systems (if any)would allow a wider range of plants a 
better life?
2.  Would the kit from AH produce a whiter light?
3.  Is a white light achievable when growing plants?
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